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Why Use a Lumbar Support Cushion

Why Use a Chair Lumbar Support Cushion to Protect Your Posture While Working?

Lots of people wonder why use a chair lumbar support cushion while working. This article will explain the importance of using a back support while working in an office and how it helps. Keep reading and get the answer to this very common question.

What is a lumbar back support chair cushion?

The most common of back supports nowadays is the belt support recommended for heavy lifting that it is seen often worn by women and men who have very active workplaces. However, the lumbar back support chair cushion is also an important tool for those whose jobs are less active.

chairlumbarbacksupportAlso known as an ergonomic lumbar support, it is designed to protect your posture when you sit down to work on a chair for a prolonged period of time. Whether it is to drive a car or truck, working in an office or any other job that requires long periods in a seating position, this is an amazing way to protect your spine. The reason for this need is, that the vast majority of chairs are not designed to maintain the normal curvature of the back, causing us to adopt incorrect postures, frequently creating the famous «hump».

That is why it is vital that everyone has a lumbar support in any chair where they spend long periods of time, to avoid adopting harmful postures that will eventually affect the back.

What benefits can lumbar support cushions provide?

A lumbar support cushion fills the lumbar curve space, avoiding postural problems as a result of the daily routine of sitting for long hours. As a consequence of using a lumbar support cushion, the body will benefit from the following:
• Less stress on the spinal chord thus less strain on nerve connections.
• The vertebrae will be in the correct position, thus avoiding putting excessive pressure on the intervertebral discs and nerves.

How should a lumbar support cushion be used?
  • First of all you should always sit as close as possible to your workspace, work table or desk.
  • In addition, your chair should be at such a height that your knees have a curve of 90 degrees with respect to the ground.
  • You can also use a base for the feet, to avoid slouching in your seat.
  • Keep your hands comfortably stretched over the keyboard, while working on a computer. The same should apply while steering machinery, driving, or while using any instruments you have to handle.
  • The lumbar support cushion should always be placed with the curve accentuated towards the bottom. The cushion support should have a strap that could be attached to the back of the chair so it does not move and keeps the space left in the lower back filled and supported.
  • Your lower back should feel firm pressure on the back through the lumbar support cushion.
Proper posture for the rest of the body while working at the office

Chiropractor Bogota ColombiaAlso, keep in mind that your knees should be in a position a bit higher than your hips to allow the blood to pass from your legs to the torso. The chin should stay stretched, keeping your head facing forward, and the top of your computer monitor should be at the same height as your eyes.

Can people with a herniated disc or spinal injuries use a lumbar support cushion?

If you suffer from hernias, deviations or spinal problems, it is advisable to visit a chiropractic specialist before using a lumbar support cushion or taking any other measures. Contact us if you would like to have an experienced chiropractor advice you on how to improve your posture and overall back health.